Mandi submits her statement for the Town webpage

In an effort to provide a place for residents to find information about all candidates, Amherst’s charter requires the Town to publish candidate statements on its webpage. Below is the statement Mandi submitted:

In my second term, I supported the Elementary School building project, major revisions to the rental permitting laws for safer rental housing, and continued efforts to meet our Climate Action Goals, including more efficient energy codes.

In the past two years, I sponsored legislation to increase funding for affordable housing projects, improve streetlighting for safety and dark skies, ensure access to health care, and provide more pathways to homeownership and increase the diversity of housing types in Town. I have proven to be team player, co-sponsoring legislation with 17 of 18 Councilors I have served with over two terms.

If re-elected, I will focus on moving the DPW and Fire Station projects forward, addressing our affordable and attainable housing crisis, and reaching our climate action goals. See for more information on my positions.