Approaching Election Day

I can’t believe the last weekend of my re-election campaign has finished. I’ve enjoyed my time on the campaign trail, meeting residents, and talking about their concerns and what they are happy about. What I’ve found is that our neighborhoods are diverse, but the issues are very similar. Neighbors in all five districts are concerned about housing, roads, and schools. Taxes are high and some residents don’t feel they see the benefits of them. There’s interest in our downtown and village centers and what we’re doing to improve economic development in all areas of town. When I mentioned my work on dark skies and streetlights, many residents were supportive. Everyone I spoke with was glad to hear that I can and have worked with councilors of many different views to get things done. They were thrilled that I support compromise to make things happen. Jokingly, I heard many “can you run for congress” responses. Whatever happens on Tuesday, it’s been a long, rewarding journey. I wish all four of my fellow at-large candidates luck. I am confident that whichever three of us prevail, we will be able to work together for a better Amherst. If you haven’t already, please make sure to vote!

For those interested, here’s my campaign in a few numbers:

  • I personally knocked on 1537 doors, reaching 3133 voters with my literature, and speaking to 329 residents. This took almost 62 hours to accomplish.
  • My campaign mailing was sent to another 1787 addresses, reaching 2928 voters beyond my door knocking.
  • 97 lawns are hosting a Vote Hanneke sign.
  • I attended 6 candidate parties hosted by friends and neighbors.
  • I participated in 4 candidate forums, hosted by UMass, the League of Women’s Voters, the District One Neighborhood Association, and Applewood.
  • I completed 6 candidate questionnaires.
  • I did 1 radio interview, along with the other at-large candidates, with Dan Torres of WHMP.
  • And, for fun, I encountered 2 foxes, 1 snake, and 2 rabbits along my way, as well as uncountable numbers of canines. Amherst really does love its dogs!