Progressive Coalition Shares Common Goals with Mandi Jo

While the Progressive Coalition of Amherst chose not to endorse me for this election, I am pleased to see that they appreciate my service to the Town and that they recognize we share some common goals. The goals we share include:

  • A fiscally responsible and transparent Town government
  • Well-researched and carefully-crafted planning and zoning policies
  • Increasing affordable housing in Amherst
  • Well-maintained roads
  • Vibrant, walkable downtown and village centers that attract small businesses
  • Thoughtful, well-informed, and fiscally-responsible funding of capital projects
  • Achieving the Town’s Climate Action Goals
  • Thoughtful implementation of re-imagined community safety programs
  • Wage protections for workers (legislation which I sponsored)

If re-elected, I look forward to working with my fellow Councilors to meet these goals.

For further information, read my responses to the Progressive Coalition of Amherst’s questionnaire.