Mandi Jo responds to League of Women Voters Election Guide questions

I am pleased that the League of Women Voters will be again publishing an election guide in the Amherst Bulletin, on October 29th. It is always difficult to distill answers to 50 words or less, but I try.

Occupation: Mother

Years Residency: 10 (Although I answer this every year, I am not a fan of this question)

What are your thoughts about development in Amherst? Please address development at village centers as well as downtown, especially if your district includes a village center.

I am seeking re-election to continue implementing the Master Plan and addressing the housing crisis in Amherst. I support: guiding new housing growth to areas that minimize the impact on Amherst’s open space; creating dynamic, walkable, and attractive downtown and village centers; and diversifying Amherst’s housing stock.

How can the Town Council support racial justice work in Amherst?

In my first term on the Council, I supported wage protections for workers, oversight for Town technology use that could potentially be misused against marginalized populations, re-evaluating the Town’s approach to community safety, and climate justice projects.  I will continue this work to support racial justice if re-elected.