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Amherst Media Posts Candidate Video Statements

Amherst Media has posted video statements for the Town Council candidates on its website. Thanks go to Amherst Media for providing this valuable public service and allowing me, and all other candidates, time to speak to the residents. Watch my statement below. To see all the statements, click here. Here is a transcript of … Continue reading "Amherst Media Posts Candidate Video Statements"

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Nick Grabbe endorses Mandi Jo for Town Council

Nick Grabbe, former Charter Commission member and former editor of the Amherst Bulletin, endorsed me on the blog A Better Amherst last week. He writes: “There are many excellent candidates for Amherst’s new Town Council, but only one I feel qualified to endorse. If you have met Mandi Jo Hanneke, or heard her speak, you … Continue reading "Nick Grabbe endorses Mandi Jo for Town Council"

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League of Women Voters’ Election Guide is now online!

Thank you to the League of Women Voters for continuing to publish their Election Guide as we transition to a new form of government. Below is the question asked of all Town Council candidate and my answer. You can find all candidate answers on the League’s website. What are the three most important tasks to … Continue reading "League of Women Voters’ Election Guide is now online!"

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