In the News 2021

  • Amherst Town Council approves the creation of the CRESS Agency
    Tonight, the Amherst Town Council voted unanimously to approve the creation of the Community Responders for Equity, Safety, and Service Agency (CRESS). Below is the statement I read prior to my vote to approve the creation of the Agency. I want to use my time for a few acknowledgements. I want to thank the residents … Read more
  • Thank you!
    Thank you! Thank you to those that voted for the library project! Thank you to those that supported me at the polls. Thank you to those that hosted signs for me, talked about me to friends and neighbors, and truly believed in me. Thank you to those that corrected the misinformation and personal attacks made … Read more
  • Amherst Indy asks about Budget Priorities
    In its third and last question for the candidates, the Amherst Indy has asked about Mandi’s budget priorities. See her answer below. Budget Priorities – What are the most significant budget challenges facing the town -in both the long run and the short, and what do you think the Town Council needs to do to address … Read more
  • Amherst Indy asks about social justice
    In part 2 of its 3-week series, the Amherst Indy asks about social justice. Here is my response. Social Justice:  What do you think are the greatest social justice challenges facing our community and what can/should the Town Council do to address them? Amherst faces many social justice challenges. A significant portion of our residents do … Read more
  • The Gazette and Bulletin ask Questions of Candidate in Contested Elections
    The Gazette and Bulletin have asked candidates in contested elections for answers to some questions for an article they are writing. Below are Mandi’s complete answers to their questions. Why are you running for a seat on the Town Council? I am running for re-election because I have enjoyed the challenge of governing in Amherst … Read more