Amherst Bulletin General Election Survey

The Amherst Bulletin recently sent the candidates a questionnaire. Our answers were limited to 40 words. Here are mine.

Hometown: Amherst (I grew up in Montgomery County, PA; went to school in Cleveland, OH; and prior to settling in Amherst, lived in Waltham, MA, Somerville, MA and Boulder, CO)

Education: J.D. (2003), Case Western Reserve University; B.A. (2000), with majors in Economics and Music, Case Western Reserve University

Why are you running for Town Council?

I am running to create an inclusive decision-making process that actively promotes public participation. I will advocate for responsibly funding voter-approved capital projects, creating a comprehensive housing plan, and enacting zoning that ensures new buildings complement their surroundings.

 What is the number one issue facing Amherst?

The biggest issue facing Amherst is how to manage our population growth in a way that doesn’t price people out, but also maintains and improves on the features we value, like open space, active farms, and vibrant town centers.

In these times of divisive politics, how do you plan to bridge any gaps that can make Amherst whole again?

Listening and respecting are two of the keys to bridging the recent campaigns that have polarized Amherst. The Town Council must be receptive to working with all residents, no matter their positions, to achieve our collectively shared goals.