It’s been over 30 months since I was sworn in as a Councilor-at-Large on the inaugural Amherst Town Council. When I ran for the office in the summer of 2018 I could not have predicted what was to come. I knew it would be hard and I knew it would be time-consuming. I also knew it would be rewarding. What I could not have predicted was a global pandemic and the racial reckoning our town, state, and country faces after last summer’s murder of George Floyd.

In those 30 months, I have learn a lot, much or which can’t be put into words. I have worked hard, accomplished a number of legislative goals, and acted in what I believe are the best interests of the residents. A new election season is upon us and I will be gathering signatures to be on the ballot again. My goals for the next term are to continue some of what I have started – enacting form-based zoning (design guidelines), supporting affordable housing, and moving forward on the major capital projects. I hope you will support me.

I have never worked with anyone who possessed such a combination of brainpower, industriousness, collegiality, organization, attention to detail, independent thinking, adaptability and stamina. She has a knack for bringing people together and getting things done.
Nick Grabbe
Former Member, Amherst Charter Commission; Former Editor, Amherst Bulletin