My name is Mandi Jo Hanneke and I’m running for an At-Large seat on Amherst’s very first Town Council. It’s an exciting time and I want to be a part of it.

I want to see Amherst thrive in all aspects of government-by involving more residents in decisions; by improving our infrastructure; and through responsible, coherent, and deliberate planning.

Explore this site to find out more about me and what I want to accomplish if I am elected.

After reading about me, I hope you’ll join my campaign. Find out ways to volunteer, and if you are motivated, you can support the campaign financially, too.

Let’s work together for a better Amherst for everyone.

I have never worked with anyone who possessed such a combination of brainpower, industriousness, collegiality, organization, attention to detail, independent thinking, adaptability and stamina. She has a knack for bringing people together and getting things done.
Nick Grabbe
Former Member, Amherst Charter Commission; Former Editor, Amherst Bulletin
As we begin our new form of government, I want a council that works, and works together, toward the objective of good governance. For that reason I am supporting Mandi Jo Hanneke for an at-large seat on our council. Mandi Jo is collaborative, thoughtful and deliberative. She has shown, through her work over the past months on the charter commission, her ability to listen, to advance positive concepts and to consider multiple viewpoints. We need Mandi Jo's skill, compassion and understanding in our new form of government. Please join me in supporting Mandi Jo Hanneke for Councilor-At-Large.
John Coull
Mandi Jo is a group process rockstar.  As vice chair of the Charter Commission she was universally admired by her fellow Commissioners (who didn't universally agree on much else!).  She is extremely hard-working, an empathetic listener, a thoughtful speaker, and she has a lawyer's attention to detail and process.  Most importantly, she brings people together to get work done.  The new Council would be off to a great start with her on it.
Andy Churchill
Former Chair, Amherst Charter Commission; Former Chair, Amherst School Committee